Why Keshi deserves our “Appreciation”

Cameroon Indomitable Lions were embroiled in indisciplinary issues, even ebbing to a point Assou-Ekotto attempted a ram-hit on a fellow player. They were eliminated without a single point.


Ivory Coast arrived Brazil with a potpouri, a constellation and galaxy of stars, but they were eliminated by a spirited Greek side.
Ghana lost their opening match to US, matched Germany in a 2-all draw. But then infighting ensued. Their nadir was the plane that drove all way frm Ghana to Brazil to deliver physical match allowee to the players. What a shame! With one game to go, the Black stars hopes of qualifying for the second round are slim. The sky is no longer home. The phrase ‘sky is the limit’ no longer holds true for the Black stars as wrecked stars are seen crashing down.
Then Nigeria, Africa’s pride. Despite parading a team filled with players most of us (including my humble self) have little or no faith in. Steven Keshi has forged great discipline, unity and will to succeed. Issues that usually characterized Eagles preparation and execution of major football competitions, such as infighting, bonus disagreement, cabal, lack of leadership, etc, are now history, as today we have a team that has not only qualified for the second round, but is poised to make history in Brazil. Thank you Sir, Steven Okechukwu Keshi, you are truly ‘the boss’

Article by : Epic Pen