The chronicles of Oma: Ucl Night with Eagles Captain “Ahmed Musa”

The day of the 2015/2016 UEFA Champions league draws.I prayed that CSKA Moscow is pitched in the same group with VFL Wolfsburg of Germany so I would have the honour of interviewing Ahmed Musa who is a leading figure in the Super Eagles of Nigeria as well as CSKA Moscow of Russia.Low and behold it was announced that CSKA Moscow would play in the same group as Manchester United and PSv Eindhoven .I immediately reached out to Musa on bbm to inform him of my plan to be at the game in order to have an exclusive chat with him.In his usual character,he told me he would be available .I submitted with immediate effect my official accreditation request to the media office of VFL Wolfsburg .My accreditation was approved and on the eve of the game I travelled to Wolfsburg .

I got to Leonardo hotel where CSKA Moscow stayed. called his room from the lobby and he told me to hold on as he was just waking up .After 20 minutes of waiting at the lobby Ahmed Musa showed up,we exchanged pleasantries and sat down to gist for a short time.He excused himself in order to join his team mates as they prepared to observe their team walk through the city of Wolfsburg on Mathday.He returned after 45 minutes and we went to his room no 702 and the real business began.


One of the biggest challenge for African footballers when they go out of the shores of Africa is weather and culture shock.Russia ,as far as weather is concerned is very special and quite difficult for lots of African players to survive.” for me it was not that easy but it is not new as I have spent some time in Holland where it is quite cold ,that helped me able to adapt very fast to the cold weather in Russia.What about your beautiful wife and son,how are they coping I cut in…It is not very easy for them but they are always indoors and for my first son Musa he is always going to school and I think he will get used to it because he has spent some time in Russia.I know it is not that easy but he has to learn to cope” he replied.


CSKA Moscow are in the same group as Manchester United,VFL Wolfsburg of Germany and PSV Eindhoven of the Netherland.on paper it look like Manchesetr United and Wolfsburg would qualify but Ahmed Musa thinks otherwise .”football these days is not that easy.You have to wait for 95 minutes to see who wins .As you know CSKA Moscow is working very hard to see how we qualify for the next stage.With the quality of players we have I believe CSKA Moscow will qualify for the next stage”


He talked about Moscow as well as he said ”for me I enjoy moscow a lot ,my family love moscow as the city is very beautiful we are very happy and comfortable in moscow and for my son he goes to school in Moscow and I know when he starts speaking he would speak Russian because that is what all the kids speak in the school but he misses Nigeria a lot as I asked if he misses home a lot.”yes miss home a lot but there is nothing I can do as I am in Russia to source for daily bread but anytime I am free I always go to Nigeria to spend time with my family he said.


A lot of African Footballer suffer from massive presure of demands from family members and friends which sometimes affects their stability and focus unlike their European counterparts . .How do you cope with demands back home as there are so many people who depend on you.i asked Musa “I cope easily because I know where I started from and would not stay away from these people because I am now Ahmed Musa with so much money.I know its not that easy but I try my best because I understand where I come from”


He loves football so much that he had to build a football pitch in his house in Kaduna.”Football is my life.i have nothing aside football that’s why I built a personal pitch in my house in  Nigeria so that I can play football with my friends when I am in Nigeria.


He talked about life in Moscow compared to that in Nigeria and said life in Nigeria is the best for him as if not football he would remain in Nigeria as life in Moscow sometimes can be difficult as you have to adapt to the weather,the food,the language but back home in Nigeria we are used to our weather and vareity of food but in Russia you eat just one type of meal and this is very difficult.


Footballers of today are known to be heavy of exotic cars splashing millions on these toys.You drive a range rover,Would you like to tell us how much it cost you? He laughed and said that is very personal and would not like to talk about that .I have more than 5 cars in Nifgeria though but in Russia I drive just a car that was given to me by my club.I do not believe in very expensive cars,I try to lead a simple life he said.


The beauty queens,actress and models around the world all want to be married to footballers as this creates for them the opportunty to enjoy 5 star lifestyle.Ahmed Musa’s is not a beauty queen,an actress or a model but she is an epitome of beauty .One would imagine that she would have been attracted to Musa because he is rich and a football star.


“I met my wife when I was a nobody.i was actualy earning N50.000 when I met my wife.We got married with that very meager salary.You know back then in the Nigerian Premier league we were poorly paid but I am happy things have changed as I hear they are well paid now.”


I asked him what money means to him as he is never the type to show off his wealth like the everday footballer of today.”For me money does not mean anything to me.I try to help my friends and my family because we are not supposed to make money for ourselves alone we have to help the needy.I thank God for blessing me with money so I can help others in need.


He also stunned  me by saying he bought his first property while playing in the Nigerian premier league.


What you hear from the average football when asked about their favourite Holiday Destination is Paris,Miami and some of the expensive holiday spots:watch the video for Ahmed Musa’s Favourite Holiday destination.


As we were rounding off the Section,we talked about the Super Eagles.I asked him how the boys are coping Sunday Oliseh’s Approach to training as he is the type that is very detailed and demands a lot from his players”For me we have to cope and go with the flow.He is the boss and calls the short.Whatever he wants we have to do it as that is our responsibilties as players.


You have been tipped to lead this new Super Eagles team and you captained the team against Tanzania.Does this put you under pressure? “I have been there for quite some time so I have learnt a lot from my older colleagues like Vincent Enyeama that is why I can say there is no pressure on me as it conerns leading this new Team on the pitch.


Whats struck me during th Interview and times I have spent with Ahmed Musa is his humility and willigness to speak with you at everytime.For a Nigerian footballer born and bread in Nigeria its not common.

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