Szczesny not on friendly terms with Ospina

Wojciech Szczesny has claimed new Arsenal shot stopper David Ospina are not on friendly terms and doesn’t sorry for him.

The Colombian stopper moved to the Emirates this summer with hopes on being the first choice goal keeper at Arsenal but the Pole has no intention of handing him the gloves on a plate

“I feel confident of being number one but I know I can’t let myself play a few bad games,” he told Polish newspaper Przeglad Sportowy.

“I know Ospina’s ambitions don’t end at sitting on the bench and clapping his hands while watching me play.

“He is a nice guy. In a sporting sense, he is a suitable player at a suitable club. But it’s easier for me just in one aspect: I do not feel sorry for him.

“I do not think ‘he’s my friend’ as I thought about Fabian [Fabianski]. I was convinced Lukasz deserved to play but not at my expense.”

The Polish international though has denied saying such to the British press and has taken to his facebook feed to put things in place.

“The English press need to stop looking for a story where there isn’t one. I said I used to feel sorry for Lukasz Fabianski because he was my good friend and he deserved to play. Little bit different than saying , Ospina isn’t my friend and I don’t feel sorry for him”. Don’t you think?
With social media these days you bull…t stories will get killed straight away.”