Super Eagles drop 2 places Latest FIFA ranking

The latest FIFA Coca Cola World Ranking has seen the Super Eagles of Nigeria drop two places from previous 44th position but remained fourth in Africa behind Senegal, Tunisia, and Morocco in the African ranking

The three time AFCON champions have failed to climb further up in the first month of the new year due to lack of action at the country level however, Super Eagles retained her 1,427 points from the previous list.

The first ranking of the year also saw Asian champions, Qatar, climb to 55th in the world, gaining 38 places and reaching their best position since 1993.

 Meanwhile, Senegal retains her top spot among CAF teams with 1,505 points and 24th in the world with Tunisia following closely with 1,493 points on 28th place.

Behind is Morrocco who garnered 1,440 points after descending three places, from 40th placed in the previous list to 43rd.

 The next rankings will be published on April 4.

Ranking, February 7

1. Belgium, 2. France, 3. Brazil, 4. Croatia, 5. England, 6. Portugal, 7. Uruguay, 8. Switzerland, 9. Spain, 10. Denmark