Schalke’s Draxler wanted Arsenal move

Schalke star Julain Draxler has admitted that he wanted to join Arsenal last January during an impromptu interview with ArsenalFanTV presenter Moh Haider.

Haider asked the Schalke star three simple questions to which he was surprisingly forthcoming, though very brief with his answers.

The questions were, “Was there any truth in the rumours of him coming to Arsenal” to which Draxler replied “Yes.”

He was then asked, “Did you want the transfer to Arsenal to happen?” to which Draxler again replied “Yes.”

Haider’s third question appeared to be pushing his luck, as Draxler replied to the question “Then why didn’t the transfer happen?” with “This isn’t an interview!”

Draxler had claimed that it was his decision to remain in Germany with Schalke, who last year finished third in the Bundesliga, and will again compete in the Champions League. Draxler is much more likely to start for Schalke than he may be at another club, yet he already has the benefit of playing at the highest level.

Many youngsters take the sensible approach to transfers to bigger clubs that they represent something that may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Little interest was shown in Draxler over the summer, and while it is hardly likely he has blown his chance to move to a club like Arsenal, it is possible the chance could never come again.

Draxler is a Schalke fan and in a good place for his development, but he clearly sees Arsenal as a step up, and that could be a positive thing for the next transfer windows when Arsenal will likely try to sign the player again, though they may face considerably more competition from other teams next time around.