Ronaldo will end his career in England-Calderon


Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon says Critiano Ronaldo will end his career in England.
The Spaniard believes that the former Manchester United star will go back to England before he retires from the game

“I do not think he will finish his career at Real. I feel that one day he will return to England,” Calderon told The Sun.
“In Madrid, he is pleased with the city and the fans, but I think his relationship with Florentino Perez is not as good as it was with Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

“Ronaldo loves father figures. With Florentino, he does not have that rapport. The relationship is bad or actually non-existent. He stays at Real despite the chairman.

“It was very important to keep him with us for the image of Madrid and for his level of performance in the years to come.

“Cristiano was born to play for Real Madrid. Everyone in the world wants to have Cristiano in their team.”

28-year-old Ronaldo who was voted World Footballer of the year for the 2nd time on Monday joined Real Madrid from Manchester United in the summer of 2009.