Ribery Launches Foul Mouthed Attack On Critics

Bayern Munich winger Frank Ribery has launched a foul mouthed tirade after being criticised for eating a golden steak.

The 35-year-old was dining at a restaurant owned by meme chef ‘Salt Bae’, with the viral sensation uploading a video of Ribery preparing to eat a steak rolled in 24 carat gold

Ribery was criticised online for his extravagant meal (the steak costs £1000), and posted a collection of messages chiding critics that are more interested in his faults rather than all of the positive work he does.

“Let’s start with the envious, the angry, the people that have been spawned from a broken condom. F*ck your mothers, your grandmothers and even your family tree.

“I owe you nothing, my success is thanks to God, myself and my family and friends who believed in me. The others were always merely stones in my shoes.

“Secondly, to the pseudo-journalists that always criticised me and my actions (last example, the price of my food!).

“When I give [to charity] (because I’ve been taught to always give when I receive a lot) why no big national media is talking about it?

“You would rather talk about the vacation that I spent with my family, you watch my every move, what I eat and so on… You’re always here for this kind of futility.

The Frenchman is in his last season at the Allianz Arena and will be in action with Bayern Munich on January the 18th against Hoffenheim.