Reina ponders his future

Napoli number one Pepe Reina said there was still considerable uncertainty about his future at the end of the current Serie A season.

Reina admits that he has enjoyed his time in Naples, where he has been on loan since 2013. However, there is still the distinct possibility that he could move onto greener pastures, possibility at Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“Until the end of the season I will be here, but even I do not yet know what will happen next,” Reina told N+ this week.

At this juncture it seems unlikely that Reina will return to Liverpool for a prolonged period and that is about all the certainty that exits at the moment.

“There is still time to go, whilst I must return with strength to Liverpool, although it is unlikely I will stay,” added the Spanish goalkeeper.

“Is there a clause? My contract has specific conditions, but there is a great future ahead of Rafael. Could I stay with Napoli? I am happy here and my family is alright.

Reina admits that there is still a lot to think about and not much time in which to think about it.

“The most important figure for my arrival was Benitez, he convinced me to accept this ambitious project with a great team. There was also the desire to get to know a different league. The first step was taken by Liverpool, who did not want me because they had put their confidence in a younger goalkeeper,” he explained.

“What’s the difference between this team and Benitez’s Liverpool? Now he has become more complete with the experiences at Chelsea and at Inter. Even in negative ones you can develop, perhaps it is that from Inter he learned more.”

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