No one remembers ‘entertaining losers’ – Gary Neville


Gary Neville slammed criticism of Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side as ‘absolute nonsense’, as the league leaders took another step towards the Premier League title.

Mourinho’s side had been branded ‘boring’ after scoring just twice in their previous three games, and sitting back in their goalless draw against Arsenal.

But Neville insisted that they were simply winners, and claimed that no-one remembers exciting teams that fail to win the title.

‘It’s absolute nonsense,’ he said during commentary on Chelsea’ 3-1 over Leicester. ‘People call the Kevin Keegan Newcastle team of 1996 entertaining – no-one remembers them now.’

Neville was part of the Manchester United side that overhauled that Newcastle team to win the title, and insists that Keegan’s charges have slipped away from people’s memories.

‘People remember winners. You never go through a whole season brilliant. The rest of the league has been poor.’

Fellow Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Redknapp agreed that Chelsea have not been boring, and insists other teams are responsible for any lack of interest.

‘People talk about boring Chelsea, the only thing boring is that no-one has challenged them this year,’ he said.

‘Manchester City got to New Year’s Day level on points, and they’ve just gone boom, and hit a brick wall. Chelsea have gone powering on, and that’s been the only boring thing about it.’