No action against diving Pinilla

The Disciplinary Commission has chosen not to punish Cagliari striker Mauricio Pinilla for unsporting behaviour even after he confessed to ÔÇ£divingÔÇØ against Inter. Many expected the Chilean to be handed a two-match ban after he earned a penalty in the 2-0 victory over the Nerazzurri on Sunday. ÔÇ£I controlled the ball and changed direction in the box, then when I felt the touch of course I dived,ÔÇØ confessed Pinilla on Sky Sport Italia. ÔÇ£Whenever you get touched in the box, it is always a penalty, itÔÇÖs just that the striker has to be smart to earn it.ÔÇØ Today the Disciplinary Commission released its reasoning for the decision not to punish Pinilla, explaining video evidence showed ÔÇ£there was effectively contact between the two players, as their left knees collided. ÔÇ£It was a contact of dubious regularity and very small, the effects of which were accentuated by Pinilla due to a habit (correction, bad habit) that is seen by many and varied players on a weekly basis. ÔÇ£It is therefore conduct that should be criticised, but not the kind that can be called ÔÇÿevident simulationÔÇÖ as in the rules of the spot, as PinillaÔÇÖs obvious fall to the ground was still correlated to an initial physical contact with the opponent. ÔÇ£We cannot evaluate with certainty what effects that contact had, to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. Therefore, the Disciplinary Commission has decided not to take any action against Pinilla.ÔÇØ It turns out that Pinilla is suspended for this weekendÔÇÖs game anyway, as he picked up his eighth yellow card of the season. Milan midfielder Mathieu Flamini also received only a one-match ban for his red card against Napoli. Like Esteban Cambiasso a couple of weeks ago, he was given the benefit of the doubt as the foul was down to poor control rather than intentionally trying to harm an opponent. Meanwhile, Lazio have been fined Ôé¼30,000 for racist chanting and the use of laser pens during the 2-0 home defeat to Juventus, plus the exhibition of a banner insulting to UEFA President Michel Platini. Juventus were fined Ôé¼5,000 for throwing bottles and Roma fined Ôé¼5,000 for the use of smoke bombs.