My comments about West Ham’s “19th Century football” were stupid and silly – Mourinho

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says it was “stupid and silly” to brand West Ham’s tactics as “19th century football” after drawing with them last season.

The Blues boss hit out at Hammers counterpart Sam Allardyce after a frustrating encounter at Stamford Bridge in January.

But Mourinho has now backtracked on those comments.

Asked about his claims, he said: “Yeah, stupid, silly words.

“Last season I had a couple of words about them. Not about the way they played, about the way they started wasting time after two minutes of the game, which I don’t like.

“But I respect him as a coach. As a person he is a very good guy but as a coach he has a beautiful career.

“I’m happy that he’s doing well with West Ham. I think he deserves respect. He has my respect.”

If Allardyce wants to keep the matter alive, he might point to Chelsea’s win at Liverpool in April as an example of a team wasting time after two minutes of a match.