Moussa Dembele takes swipe at Rodgers after Leicester Move

Lyon striker Moussa Dembele has taken aim at new Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers.

Dembele left Celtic for Lyon in the summer after a breakdown of relationship with Rodgers.

The Northern Irishman was critical of Dembele’s push for a transfer, saying “the whole episode was disappointing and before sealing his move to the French club, Dembele warned fans to “be careful who they call their leader” in posts apparently aimed at Rodgers, reports the Mirror.

The striker also accused his former manager of going against his word, after almost seeing his dream move fall through before Celtic eventually gave in.

And he has now had his say on Rodgers’ decision to leave Treble-chasing Celtic and take charge of Premier League side Leicester.

Taking to Twitter soon after the managerial switch was confirmed, he posted a short video of a surprised expression along with the word “#Interesting” under a news story of the announcement.

Showing his humour, he followed that post up with Muhammad Ali’s legendary post-fight interview after he silenced his critics against George Foreman in The Rumble in the Jungle in 1974.

Ali famously said: “Everybody stop talking now, okay, I told, all of my critics, I told you all.”

He also quoted lyrics from Notorious B.I.G classic Juicy, writing: “#AndIfYouDon’tKnowNowYouKnow #iTtoldYou.”