Mourinho pours cold water on Courtois swap deal



Jose Mourinho says goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois will be returning to Chelsea and has ruled out a swap deal with Atletico Madrid for Diego Costa.

There have been reports in the Spanish press that a deal had been struck between the clubs for an exchange but Mourinho insists that is unlikely.

“Courtois is our player. Diego is not our player. So, again, I cannot speak about Diego Costa. About Courtois, I can. He’s my player.”

When asked whether Courtois would stay permanently at Atletico, Mourinho said “no, no”.

The manaager added that his club will not be making anymore signings unless they sell again.
“Unless an incredible surprising deal happens with one of our players, and because of that we have to react and make something to complete the squad… but I don’t believe so. No strikers, no,” he said.
On Samuel Eto’o signing a new contract Mourinho said: “Again, it’s not a similar situation to the boys with history in Chelsea, so we cannot compare his situation with Frank [Lampard], Ashley [Cole]… he’s a different situation,” he said.
“But we can compare in the sense he’s very comfortable, and so are we… he feels very free and very comfortable making decisions just for himself. He decided to come here to the Premier League to Chelsea, so Samuel is enjoying his career until the end.
“We’ll see what he wants to do at the end of the season. Maybe he wants to go to Majorca, as he promised his son. Maybe he wants to stay with us, or go and finish his career at Inter . He doesn’t need titles, he doesn’t need money. He’s a big player, even if he doesn’t score 25 goals, because his contribution to the team is very high. We are happy.”