Mauricio Pochettino vows to pump up the volume if Tottenham end Manchester City winning run at the Etihad

Jose Mourinho accused Pep Guardiola’s side of a lacking eductation and class with their post-match behaviour at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Mauricio Pochettino wants Spurs to pump up the volume in celebration after ending Manchester City’s unbeaten run.
Jose Mourinho accused Pep Guardiola’s side of a lacking eductation and class with their post-match behaviour at Old Trafford on Sunday.

And music from City’s dressing room rocked the Liberty Stadium before and after Wednesday night’s record 15th consecutive top-flight win at Swansea.

But Pochettino said: “I hope that we are playing loud music after the game. I am never going to complain if another team celebrates because sometimes it’s good, when you lose, and you hear all that happens in another changing room, it’s good to feel the pain.

“With respect of course, because it’s always about respect but sometimes it’s good to listen.

“When we won our games,in Huddersfield, or in Wembley against Stoke, the players put music and it’s so loud – it’s normal. If you lose the game, you are not going to play music.

“They are winning, winning, winning, so it’s normal they put music in the changing room. If you look before the game, both changing rooms have loud music, and only one can win.”

Pochettino claimed Guardiola calling Tottenham “the Harry Kane team” in October was “not an issue” but added: “There’s always motivation to play this type of game.

“It’s the type of game where you don’t need to motivate the players, you don’t need to talk to much. You can feel in the atmosphere after the Brighton game that they’re so excited.

“We’re going to play, for me, the best team today in Europe, not only in England. Because they’re in their best form.”

And Pochettino has admitted other Tottenham players could follow Kyle Walker out of the door to win trophies after claiming his club are “years” behind Manchester City.

The England full-back will face his former club for the first time tomorrow since his £50m summer move. City, who finished behind Tottenham in the last two seasons, are 11 points clear at the top with Spurs 18 points back in fourth place.

For all his positive press, Pochettino has yet to win a trophy in his five years in English football. The Argentine has insisted Tottenham have a long-term strategy for success – including building a new stadium – and conceded some players might lack the patience to wait for silverware.

“Exactly, that is the problem,” he said. “Maybe some players are not agreed in this plan and this strategy, and of course they are right to complain, to talk and, in the end, to want to move or have another challenge for different reasons, because we are all different and we all have different challenges and motivations. That is normal.

“The most important thing is to talk, to design the plan for everyone and then be happy because life is about enjoying and being happy. It’s not about wasting time in a bad way, because life is so short.”

Pochettino insisted no player would be sold without the agreement of the club and added: “We’re not worried. We need to win today, tomorrow and in one year and two, three, four years. That is the plan for Tottenham.

“Maybe in a few years is the moment say: ‘Come on, the club now need to win and need to compete, and with the same tools as another big club’. That is the moment to say ‘compare’.”

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