Mario’s Top 10 Mad Moments


Mario Balotelli quite may be the troll king of football. Over the past 8 years since Balotelli has been playing, the ballistic striker has done many crazy things. Here is my top ten.

10. Arrived at a high school with his friends just to use the bathroom, then wandered around the school with his friends.


9. Stamped on FulhamÔÇÖs Scott ParkerÔÇÖs head when Parker was playing for Spurs. Mario did not receive a red card although did have a four match ban.

8. His confusion on how to correctly put on a bib.

7. His ÔÇÿwhy always meÔÇÖ shirt. Whilst playing for Manchester City against Manchester United after scoring.

6. Probably the most thoughtful, Balotelli signed an autograph for a fan, he asked why he wasnÔÇÖt in school; the boy said he was being picked on. Balotelli drove to the school to confront the bullies and to consult the issue with the head master.

5. Mario and his brother trespassed a ladies prison in Italy to ÔÇ£have a look aroundÔÇØ

4. Burnt down his own bathroom whilst setting off fireworks from the window. Then became a spokesman for fireworks safety.

3. Threw darts at the youth players. When asked why he did it, he exclaimed that he was ÔÇ£boredÔÇØ

2. He got pulled over by the police whilst having twenty five grand in the front seat of his car. When the officer questioned at why there was so much, he replied ÔÇ£Because I am richÔÇØ

1. His failed trick shot

Article by : Lanre Banjoko