United Looks to Ezequiel Cirigliano by

After finishing second in the English Premier League last season, the Red Devils need to shift their focus to Ezequiel Cirigliano.

football411 reports that the team is interested in the midfielder, and he is a good fit for the team.

According to babajide of the football411, the team failed to acquire Brazilian star Lucas Moura. The team should look to another midfielder to upgrade their roster.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who is usually aggressive in the offseason, is looking for any way to take down rival Manchester City. By going after Cirigliano, it would accomplish multiple objectives. Not only would the Red Devils be improving their team, they would also be taking a player from the defending EPL champions.

The 20-year-old midfielder will not be an offensive force, but he will help the team’s defense.

He plays smart defense, and he is not afraid to go in hard for a tackle. His style of play will keep opponents from maintaining possession, and he helps create plays off turnovers.

Cirigliano breaks up plays with ease, so he is a valuable asset for any team to have. The coveted midfielder plays smart, and he does not allow opponents to rattle him.

Despite being known for his defense, he sets up his teammates on offense. Cirigliano is not a prolific scorer, but he distributes the ball to help his team. With the ability to stop attackers, his passing is crucial to his team’s success. He helps change possession and field position.