Malawi to earn top dollar if they beat Nigeria

The Malawian National team have been promised the bonus of $500 per player if they upset Nigeria in the World cup Qualifying final round match up which will be played in Calabar on Saturday.
Malawian coach, Tom Saintfiet is confident of pulling off a great upset and he feels his boys will be well motivated to take Nigeria on regardless of the bonus hike.
Malawi Belgian coach Tom Saintfiet disclosed,
ÔÇ£┬áMy boys would be going home with a winning bonus of $500 compared to the $85 they received before.
“I don’t think the motivation for the players is the money but national pride. I am surprised when I hear that players of your Super Eagles are discussing money and winning bonus.”
Saintfiet said he remains bullish about his teamÔÇÖs chances on Saturday in Calabar despite the 1-0 loss they suffered in their final warm-up game
ÔÇ£We made many changes (in that game) and really we are not worried about that result,ÔÇØ he defended.
ÔÇ£IÔÇÖm focused on winning this match even though there was no cash for a training camp.
ÔÇ£We work with what we have going by our financial limits, but I believe we will be ready for the match on Saturday.ÔÇØ