Jose Mourinho can turn mad at any time – John Terry

MOu Mou
Chelsea captain John Terry has revealed how manager Jose Mourinho keeps his Barclays Premier League title-chasing team on their toes and says he sometimes goes wild even when they are winning.

Mourinho has guided Chelsea to the top of the Premier League this season, six points clear of nearest rivals Manchester City with a game in hand, and it seems his methods are getting results.

Captain Terry says that the Portuguese coach is unpredictable, calmly reacting to games when Chelsea are struggling or kicking off with his players when they are winning.

‘Sometimes you’re losing a game at half-time, which doesn’t happen often at this club, and you expect to come in and get a rollicking,’ Terry said.

‘But you come in and the manager is calm, collected, the complete opposite. He’s like, “Listen, we’re going to win the game. We’re going to get an early goal” and he talks you through it.’

While Mourinho’s calmer side has been used to get his team through difficult periods, such as when they were drawing 2-2 with Hull City at half-time on Sunday after taking an early two-goal lead, he can also operate at the other end of the scale.

But Terry feels those little details from Mourinho’s behaviour keep his team ready for anything, something that has helped them take the initiative in the title race all season while winning the Capital One Cup earlier this month.

‘Other times you’ll be winning 2-0 or 3-0 and you’ll come in happy at half-time and he’ll go ballistic,’ Terry told Chelsea Pitch Owners. ‘Tables will go over, bottles of water will go flying. You think “where’s that come from?”

‘But you go out for the second half and win the game 5-0 rather than scraping through 3-1, 3-2.

‘He knows when players take their foot off the gas. He can sense something before the game. He just gets a feel for everyone and every single game. And I look at that and think no one else has got that that I’ve experienced.’