IFAB Approves New Football Rules For 2019/20 Season

The International FA Board (IFAB) has voted to fine tune football laws regarding handballs, free-kicks and time-wasting from next season onwards.

A wholesale of alterations were made to the law of football will come in from next season as the IFAB looks to eradicate cheating and time-wasting and some of these new changes include :

Handballs inside the area.

Goals that have struck a player’s hand will NOT be allowed. Regardless of intention.

Substituted players can leave the field anywhere.

A substituted player can leave the field of play at the nearest point instead of walking to their technical area in a bid to stop time-wasting.

Coaches will receive cards.

Managers and coaches will be able to receive yellow and red cards as players do.

No attacking players in the wall.

Attacking players will not be allowed to stand in the wall. The wall can only be made up of players from the defending team.

Attackers will be made to stand at least one metre from the wall, and is aimed at stopping defenders being moved out of the way.

The new and approved football rules is expected to take effect from June 1, 2019.