Goals from Saliu Tayo Junior and Steven Gabriel delivers victory for Malmo City FC against Sodra Sandby

Malmo City FC, Sweden has now moved up the league table having secured 3 points at home against Sodra Sandby IF post their league match on Saturday, September 31, 2019.

This feat was made possible by the duo of skillful Saliu Tayo Junior and highly mobile Steven Gabriel whose goals ensured that their team carried the day.

Steven Gabriel scored twice during the encounter after running down the defence line of Sodra Sandby IF while a goal from Saliu Tayo Junior sealed the victory for Malmo City FC.

The visitors replied back with 2 goals but this was not sufficient to level the tally as the referee blew the final whistle.

Predictions of victory was tilted in favour of Sondra Sandby IF who had won the first encounter during the first round but the shocker of losing 3-2 to Malmo City FC this second round will linger for a long time as the two teams go back to the drawing board in preparation for when they meet next season.