Goal-line technology ‘unhackable’

GoalControl, provider of the goal-line technology that will be used at the World Cup, insist the system is 100 percent accurate and unhackable.

Goal-line technology will be used for the first time at the World Cup after recently being given the green light by FIFA following months of rigorous testing.

The system makes use of 14 high-speed cameras placed around the circumference of the Stadium and will be in operation at all 12 World Cup stadiums in Brazil.

Managing director of GoalControl, Dirk Broichhausen, said: “It is 100 percent accurate. The system will work.

“The system is offline… there is no possibility to manipulate. We did a lot of internal and external testing — I think more than 10,000 shots.

The system is linked to a watch worn by the match referee and he will be notified if the ball crosses the line. However, Broichhausen pointed out the fact that the final decision still rests with the referee.

He added: “The referee has the last call. He can override the system any time he wants. But he knows the system is reliable.”

post by Funsho Fagbure