Fiorentina confirms Rossi injury

Fiorentina have confirmed that Giuseppe Rossi has suffered an injury to his right knee during the ViolaÔÇÖs match against Livorno on Sunday.
The 26-year-old striker left the pitch┬áafter a rough challenge from Livorno defender Leandro Rinaudo in the 71st minute of the ViolaÔÇÖs victory and many fear that he may have injured his previously surgically repaired knee.
The Gigliati released a statement regarding RossiÔÇÖs condition on their official website on Sunday and conceded that more tests must be done to determine the seriousness of the playerÔÇÖs injury.
ÔÇ£ACF Fiorentina can confirm that Giuseppe Rossi has sprained the same knee on which he was previously operated following a clash with Livorno player Rinaudo during todayÔÇÖs Serie A match,ÔÇØ read the statement.
ÔÇ£Further tests will be carried out tomorrow.ÔÇØ
The Italian international has been struggling with his right knee ever since he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in 2011 while playing for Villarreal, but was recently starting to stage a comeback in his career, as heÔÇÖs currently the top scorer in Serie A with 14 goals this season thus far.