Disciplinary Committee rejects Conte plea bargain

Juventus coach Antonio Conte will face trial for his role in the Scommessopoli match-fixing scandal after the Disciplinary Committee rejected his plea deal.

The 42-year-old had reached an agreement with federal prosecutor Stefano Palazzi to avoid the prosecution process, with a three-month ban and a Ôé¼200,000 fine the punishment that had been agreed for the Italian coach.

However, the Disciplinary Committee presided by Sergio Artico has turned down Conte’s deal, which means that the┬áBianconeri┬áboss will now go on trial and could face a year-long ban.

Conte is charged with failing to report attempts to influence the outcome of two Serie B matches against Novara and AlbinoLeffe in the 2010-11 season when he was in charge of Siena.

The Italian coach will sit on the┬áBianconeri┬ábench in Wednesday’s friendly contest against Benfica in the Swiss town of Geneva.