Buffon Reveals Playing Against Ex Teammates Sons Almost Made him Quit Football

Gigi Buffon admitted he considered walking away from football after going up against the sons of his former teammates.

The PSG Goalkeeper and Enrico Chiesa  were team mates at Parma at the tail end of the 90s. Back then, the keeper could not have imagined that one day he would be on the opposite side to Chiesa‘s teenage son Federico.

“I saw Kephren (Turam) on the bench when we played against Monaco. It was nice to face the sons of my former team-mates. I am so much linked with all of them, still today. Playing against them is a joy”, Buffon told Eurosport.

“When I faced Enrico Chiesa’s son (Federico), I was confused. It was the first time I was playing against the son of one of my team-mates and that’s when I thought that maybe it was time for me to give up with football”.