Anelka banned and fined for quinelle gesture

West Brom striker, Nicolas Anelka have been slapped with a five match ban plus a fine of £80,000 for his ‘quenelle’ goal celebration in a match against West Ham in December.

The 34-year old denied the gesture was racially inclined but his claims wasn’t enough to move the FA and has been hit with a heavy fine and a five-match ban.

The French international has also been ordered to complete a compulsory education course by a Football Association hearing at the Grove Hotel in Watford.

The FA said its independent regulatory commission would provide written reasons for its decision in due course.

It said: “Mr Anelka has the right to appeal the decision. Mr Anelka must notify the FA of his intention to appeal within seven days of receipt of the written reasons.

“The penalty is suspended until after the outcome of any appeal, or the time for appealing expires, or Mr Anelka notifies the FA of his decision not to appeal.”