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Steven Gerrard full of emotions after first victory as Villa Boss

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Steven Gerrard won his first game as manager when Aston Villa faced Brighton in a Premier League match, and the crowd was ecstatic.Steven Gerrard full of emotions

After leading Aston Villa to a 2-0 victory over Brighton, Steven Gerrard expressed his pleasure, relief, and pride.

Gerrard’s emotions were visible on the touchline through his goal celebrations and also after the game.

Yesterday, Aston Villa won their first game since September, thanks to Steven Gerrard’s influence at the club.

Gerrard led the squad to their first win since the well-publicized one-nil victory over Manchester United in his first game as the replacement to Dean Smith.

Gerrard had this to say;

It’s a mixture of excitement, relief, pride really. Because I can’t be any more proud of the players. Some were only around for a couple days in the week, everything we asked them to do in the main they followed the structure and delivered a really good performance in the end.”

Villa’s first win in six games moves them up to 15th in the table, but also takes a lot of weight off Steven Gerrard and his men.






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