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Rangnick slam Man Utd players, says the stalemate was ‘a bit annoying’

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Ralf Rangnick criticized Manchester United players for failing to follow instructions during Wednesday’s 1-1 draw with Young Boys in the Champions League.Ralf Rangnick

The German expressed his displeasure with the players’ refusal to play the way he instructed against the Swedes, claiming that the players disobeyed his orders to play more direct football.

Manchester United had qualified for the Champions League final 16 as group winners.

As a result, the German Gaffer decided to select a largely rotated team for Wednesday’s match at Old Trafford.

Mason Greenwood broke the deadlock for United in the first half, but shortly before halftime, the Red Devils threw away possession on the edge of their own box, allowing Fabian Rieder to curl in a fantastic strike to seal the 1-1 draw.

The German coach was not pleased with the play that led up to the equalizer.

Rangnick explained to BT Sport after the game;

What was really a little bit annoying was the way that we also gave the goal away, because we played too many balls into the first line of their pressing area. And this was also the case with the goal that we conceded. We could have cleared the ball easily and whenever we played the ball into the second or third line, we were always dangerous.”

He added;

I told them that before the game but they still played in that situation, the ball a five-metre pass and [Young Boys] were just waiting for that ball. It was more or less a pressing invitation that we sent.”





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