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Pep Guardiola admits Erling Haaland will have many bad moments in the future

by: Evolve


Erling Haaland may have had a fantastic start to life in the Premier League, but Pep Guardiola seems to think he will encounter many challenging scenarios in the future.

Even his most loyal fans could not have foreseen Haaland’s success since joining Pep Guardiola’s club in the summer after leaving Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund.

With 20 goals in 13 games—15 of which came in the Premier League—the 22-year-old City forward is the fastest player in league history to reach 15 goals.

The Norwegian striker has scored hat-tricks in three of his outings while only failing to score in two and Pep Guardiola is aware that the player’s current form might likely slow down a bit but strongly thinks his strategy will be crucial.

The City manager is confident that his player will deal with it very well and never think of quitting the game, though, this is based on what he has noticed about his player’s approach.

Many bad moments are coming for sure. And in those moments he must say ‘it’s okay, now go for the next one. We were surprised by his mentality. We know his skills, but how he behaves in the bad moments, in those situations…he will maybe go 20 minutes, not seeming to be involved in the game – but he is never out of the game.” – said the coach.

The Man City coach further noted;

That’s because you always believe you’re in the process when you have the ability and you believe it’s always easier. Haaland is always there, saying ‘I will arrive, I will be there, I will score a goal’.”

The next opponent for Man City is Liverpool, and Jurgen Klopp has claimed that his team cannot beat with Guardiola’s in terms of squad bolstering.




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