Nigerians Outraged: Abia Governor Fails to Reward Enyimba With Cash

by: Evolve


Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, is facing severe backlash from the Nigerian public for his failure to provide financial rewards to the victorious Enyimba Football Club players following their triumphant campaign in the 2022/23 Nigeria Premier League (NPL).

Despite hosting a reception to honor the team’s success and expressing support, Governor Otti’s decision not to announce any monetary incentives has drawn widespread criticism.

During a celebratory event held at the Banquet Hall, Government House in Umuahia, Governor Alex Otti fulfilled his promise to spend time with Enyimba Football Club and their management team.

Expressing unwavering support for their future endeavors, the governor, unfortunately, did not extend any financial gifts to the players, prompting an outcry from the public.

Recent reports have shed light on the financial struggles endured by Enyimba’s players and coaching staff, as their salaries and allowances have remained unpaid for the past four months.

Governor Otti acknowledged this issue during the event and assured the team that their outstanding payments would be settled in due course.

However, the absence of an immediate monetary reward has left many disappointed.

The criticism faced by Governor Otti arises from the contrasting actions of his counterparts in Rivers State and Akwa Ibom State.

When Rivers United and Akwa United secured the league title, their respective governors promptly rewarded the players with cash incentives.

The lack of a similar gesture from Governor Otti has sparked outrage and accusations of inconsistency in recognizing sporting achievements.

Despite the disappointment surrounding the lack of immediate monetary rewards, Governor Otti reaffirmed his commitment to supporting Enyimba Football Club’s ambitions to excel in Africa and capture the prestigious CAF Champions League.

He also unveiled plans to renovate the Enyimba stadium, ensuring it meets the required standards for continental competitions.




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