Former Ghana star reveals how he nearly lost his life due to age reduction

by: Evolve


Former Ghanaian football star Joe Tagoe recently revealed a shocking incident he encountered in Egypt, where he resorted to lowering his age in order to extend his football career.

Tagoe, known for his height, admitted that he falsified his age to 21 upon arriving in Egypt.

However, this decision had grave consequences that nearly cost him his life, leading him to reconsider his choices and prioritize his well-being over dishonest gains.

In a recent interview, Tagoe candidly shared his experience, shedding light on the dark side of age reduction in professional sports.

Seeking to prolong his playing career, he confessed to altering his age to 21, taking advantage of his height to deceive the coach and other team officials.

Initially, Tagoe’s plan seemed successful, as he was consistently assigned to train with the under-20 team, with everyone believing he was truly 21.

However, during these training sessions, he realized the harsh reality of cheating nature.

Witnessing the exceptional physical abilities displayed by younger players, he became acutely aware that he couldn’t continue deceiving his way through his career without serious consequences.

Realizing the potential dangers he faced by continuing the charade, Joe Tagoe made the courageous decision to prioritize his own life and well-being over the allure of money and fame.

Fearing the hazardous consequences and the risk of losing his life in pursuit of an unfair advantage, he chose to return home to Ghana.

Tagoe’s distressing experience in Egypt serves as a wake-up call for players and the sporting community as a whole.

It highlights the dangers and ethical dilemmas associated with age reduction and deceitful practices prevalent in professional sports.

This incident emphasizes the need for stricter regulations and ethical guidelines to uphold the integrity of the game while safeguarding the health and safety of athletes.




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