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Erik ten Hag issue Manchester United team five new rules

by: Evolve


New Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag is said to have handed his players five new principles and regulation before the start of his first preseason campaign as coach.

The team, who will play in the Europa League next season after earning their lowest point total ever in Premier League, is already being nurtured by Ten Hag, who joined United from Ajax this summer.

Last season, information concerning interim manager Ralf Rangnick and the club was often leaked to the media, fueling persistent allegations of a dressing-room leak.

Football411 gathered that Ten Hag has warned the players that their futures with the first team could be jeopardized if they are discovered giving information to the media.

In addition, players have been warned that they would be removed from team squad if they show up late for practice, no matter what role they hold in the locker room.

Likewise, Ten Hag forbids drinking during the weeks preceding games and does not accept any arguments based on the players’ physical condition.

He has also altered the menu at the Carrington training site in an effort to make it healthier.

Instead of the players hiring their own private chefs, the manager chooses to have the same chef make meals for the entire squad.

The players have their own personalized diet plans and will undergo routine BMI assessments to ensure they maintain peak physical condition.

Ten Hag is also said to have counseled players to call him right away to discuss any issues rather than resorting to their agents first, knowing that his thoughts would come across as severe.

He is keen to establish strong relationships with individuals in his immediate vicinity and to set the high standards that, in his opinion, will propel United back to the top spot.





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