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Eberechi Eze affirms no regrets choosing England over Nigeria

by: Evolve


Eberechi Eze, a fast rising player in the Premier League, recently voiced his satisfaction with choosing to represent England instead of Nigeria, stating that he has no regrets.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, Eze shared that after consulting with his family and close associates, he determined that playing at the highest level of English football was the optimal career move for him.

Despite declining potential invitations from the Nigerian national team, Eze remains steadfast in his choice and enthusiastically embraces the new opportunities that await him.

When questioned about his decision, the 24-year-old athlete emphasized the significance of seeking counsel from his loved ones.

He revealed that discussions with his family, including his wife, played a crucial role in his decision-making process.

By seeking guidance from trusted individuals, Eze carefully evaluated what would be the most beneficial choice for his career trajectory.

Ultimately, he concluded that representing England was the pinnacle of achievement and an incredible opportunity.

Eze eagerly anticipates the challenge of competing against top-tier players in the sport and takes great pleasure in being a part of an exceptional team.

He acknowledges the exceptional quality and confidence exhibited by the English squad and is thrilled to contribute to their journey.

Despite having the chance to play for Nigeria, Eze declined multiple invitations. He wholeheartedly stands by his decision and expresses no regret whatsoever.

Eze firmly believes that playing for England offers an unparalleled experience.

As a player for Crystal Palace, he sees this as a significant progression in his career and expresses his gratitude for the call-up, underscoring that it was the right decision to make.




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