Bayelsa United Demands Compensation from Rival Clubs for using their Players

by: Evolve


Bayelsa United, a prominent team in the Nigeria Premier League (NPL), has accused two other teams, Rivers United and Lobi Stars, of unlawfully acquiring and fielding three of their players in the ongoing Naija Super 8 tournament.

This scandalous incident has ignited a fierce debate within the Nigerian football community.

Bayelsa United has expressed deep concern over the unauthorized use of their players, namely Alex Oyowah, Osagie Onisodumeya, and Taiwo Adbulrafiu, by Rivers United and Lobi Stars, which directly violates rule nine and the framework of the NPL.

In an official statement, Bayelsa United condemned the actions of both teams and raised questions about the integrity of the football league.

According to Bayelsa United, the NPL regulations explicitly state that players from one club cannot be featured by another without proper procedures and consent.

By fielding the aforementioned players, Rivers United and Lobi Stars have violated these regulations, disregarding the established framework and fairness of the league.

Bayelsa United has lodged an appeal against Rivers United, accusing them of inducing their players and breaching specific rules.

The aggrieved club demands that both Rivers United and Lobi Stars be held accountable for their actions.

In an effort to discourage future violations within the Nigerian league, Bayelsa United is seeking exemplary damages of 1,000,000,00 Naira (One Million Naira) to be awarded in their favor.

Bayelsa United highlights the fact that Osagie Onisodumeya, Alex Oyowah, and Taiwo Adbulrafiu still have valid contracts with the club.

The club firmly believes that honoring contractual agreements is essential for maintaining the integrity of professional football and finds it illegal and inappropriate to witness these players donning the colors of Rivers United and Lobi Stars, regardless of any potential salary increments offered to them.




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