Afcon 2021: CAF set to introduce five substitutions

by: Evolve


The 2022 TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon kicks off today. Please be aware of the following information:

During the Afcon 2022 competition, CAF will use the five substitutions per game rule as follows:

– A maximum of five substitutes will be allowed for each team.

– To minimise play interruption, each team will be allowed a maximum of three substitutes throughout the game; substitutions could also be performed at half-time.

– If both teams make a substitution at the same time, this counts as one of each team’s three substitution opportunities.

– Extra time is used to carry over any unutilized substitutions or opportunities.

– Teams will be given one more substitution and will have one extra substitution chance if extra time is used; substitutions may also be performed before the start of extra time and at half-time during extra time.

In the event that a team is affected by Covid-19, there are rules for the minimum amount of players that must be present.

If a player’s Covid-19 PCR test results are positive, he or she will not be permitted to enter the stadium or compete in the relevant match.

If a team has a minimum of eleven (11) players who have tested negative, they will be entitled to play a match. In the event that a goalkeeper is unavailable, another player from the team must fill in, as long as the total number of eligible players is at least eleven.

If a team does not have a minimum of eleven (11) players available, the match will be considered a 0-2.

In rare circumstances, the Africa Cup of Nations Organizing Committee will make the necessary decision.





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